Educator Spotlight | Madison Jones

Madison Jones was born and raised in Jacksonville, Illinois. She attended college at Southern Illinois University and received her Master’s degree in Urban Education through the Memphis Teacher Residency. Madison currently works as an Academic Interventionist and RTI Coordinator at Cornerstone Prep Lester. “I chose to work in education because I enjoy teaching and working with children. Working with kids brings me the most joy! They are always making me smile or laugh.” 

She has worked for 5.5 years and is committed to contributing the growth and development of her students. “Every year it's fun to celebrate student growth throughout the year. The kids get so excited when they meet their goals or look back at their old work and see how much they've improved,” Madison says.

Madison’s goal this year is to help all of her students meet their end of year MAP goals and reach their full academic potential.

“It’s important to me that all students in Memphis get a quality education. Cornerstone has great instruction and supports in place to make sure students are learning.”

In Madison’s leisure time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, reading, exercising, visiting local restaurants and baking. She won the Best of Show Apple Pie at the county fair in her hometown four times!

Your good work is commendable, and we are proud to have you as a member of the team. Let’s all congratulate Madison for her contribution and for being the Spotlight of the Week!