Educator Spotlight | Natasha Gunn

Natasha Gunn chose to become an educator not only because she wanted to teach, but because she also wanted to inspire and let students know that the sky is the limit. She wants her students to know that they can accomplish anything that they set their mind to.

“I chose to become an educator because I wanted to make a noticeabe, sustainable improvement in every child’s life that I came in contact with through education, showing love and compassion to their needs, and empowering them to become future leaders of their community," Natasha says. 

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Natasha works as a Kindergarten teacher at Cornerstone Prep Lester. She attended East High School in Memphis, and received her Bachelor’s degree from Tennessee State University. She later went on to attend Cambridge College, where she received her Master’s degree in education.

One goal that Natasha aims to achieve this year is ensuring that her students are able to write their numbers from one to twenty, and count to 100 verbally.

 “The part of my job that brings me joy is seeing my scholars growing, learning and succeeding in the classroom. I never miss a day of work because I want my students to know that I am here for them and ready to invest in their futures. I equip students with the knowledge and set the bar high. It’s uplifting seeing them reach the bar and exceed their scholastic goals.”

In her leisure, Natasha enjoys visiting The Civil Rights Museum and The River Walk located in Downtown Memphis. She also enjoys decorating, inlcuding weddings, baby showers, and parties.

Thank you for pushing the children in your class to always be their best selves. Let’s all congratulate Natasha for her contribution and for being the Spotlight of the Week!