For the Love of Reading

Reading is important. If you’re reading this story, you know this is true. You might know statistics about literacy like this one stating that 30 million people over the age of 16 in our country don’t read well enough to fill out a job application. An additional 63 million can only read at a 5th grade reading level or lower (Literacy Mid-South).

CEG schools are not only serious about the importance of reading; we are serious about learning to love to read! 

When you walk the hallways of Cornerstone Prep Denver (CPD), you will see students with their nose in a book. They are “Reading While Waiting,” a new initiative at CPD, where every available moment is spent engaging with text. Scholars from Kindergarten to 5th grade can be seen engaging with letters, words, and books.

Scholars at CPD Are Reading While Waiting!

CPD Principal Michelle Lyons adds, “Scholars read whenever possible. In the classroom, they engage in dialogue while agreeing with, adding on to, or disagreeing with another scholar's answer.”

At Cornerstone Prep Lester (CPL), you can listen to the sounds of reading aloud coming from a classroom or see students independently reading decodable text, and teachers and students engaging in both shared and independent writing. 

Both of our elementary schools are utilizing the Accelerated Reader program, an exciting, motivating reading program that engages kids in reading. The program allows students to read books on their grade level and assess their comprehension upon completion of a book so their teachers can monitor and celebrate their progress. 

“The Accelerated Reader program is one approach to creating a joy and love of reading in our school,” Ms. Lyons says. “This year our goal is that scholars will read 12 million words and complete AR tests with 80% accuracy.”

Both schools are also focusing on keyboarding skills in an effort to increase writing efficiency and use of technology as we prepare our scholars for college. 

Scholars at CPL and CPD are learning to love to read in all areas of the school day - even in performing arts class! Check out this video of the chant “Read, Baby, Read!” as performed by scholars at CPD!