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About Our Schools

Best Practices + Best Teachers = CEG's Model for Success

Capstone Education Group (CEG) is a unique organization. We base our structure, perspective, methods, and systems on best practices from high-performing schools across the country. These best practices, infused with character education that dominate our culture, make CEG schools distinctive institutions.

Educating Our Youth Is Key to Memphis' Success

Memphis enjoys a rich heritage and a great history as a major city on the Mississippi River. Yet, the current condition of education in Memphis threatens the future success of the city.

Local Urban Students Need More Support

Consider the following statistics:

  • Children entering kindergarten in Memphis scored in the 16th and 19th percentiles in math and language. This means that 80 percent of children entering kindergarten in the U.S. are better-prepared than children entering kindergarten in Memphis City Schools. Thirty-six out of 112 Memphis elementary schools reported scores of entering kindergarteners that are below 10 percent in at least one of these two subjects.
  • 50% of urban children in Memphis will drop out of school before graduating from high school
  • 96% of urban children in Memphis who do manage to graduate from high school will not meet college standards on all 4 subjects of the ACT test

All Children Can Learn in the Right Environment

The founders of CEG believe that all children can learn and be successful when given access to an achievement-oriented, structured, disciplined learning environment, beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through the eighth grade.

Vision - We Believe It and Live It, Students Reflect It

Capstone Education Group schools equip all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and to become leaders in their community. 

Capstone Parthenon Chart

Founded on Urban School Best Practices

CEG’s approach to education, based on successful urban schools around the country, includes:

  • An intense focus on the core subjects: math and reading
  • More time learning, created by an extended academic day and year
  • Standards-based lesson plans, curriculum, and assessments
  • Intentional leadership development
  • Fast-paced, challenging learning environment
  • High standards for students and teachers


CEG partners with businesses, organizations, health care providers, foundations, individuals, and churches to provide wrap-around services to meet all needs of our students and families.

Characteristics That Make Our Parents Take Notice

  1. College prep begins in kindergarten.
  2. High expectations support high achievement.
  3. Every minute counts.
  4. Leadership matters.
  5. Urban students deserve the best.