The board of directors believes in 的 empowering leverage that a good education can bring to 的 lives of 的 children living in urban Memphis. Their hearts have been broken by 的 conditions that have too long existed in our city. The Capstone Preparatory 学校 are 的 result of many months of planning and hard work. Each board member has a long-standing interest in building 的 capacity of our youth through education. They are excited about 的 changes that education can make in 的 inner city.

  • Jay Harvill
  • 汤姆·马里诺
  • 杰森·库克
  • Camela Echols
  • 莫妮卡约翰逊
  • 艾略特佩里
  • 斯科特•沃克
  • 保罗爱德华兹
  • 屋大维Nickson

Jay Harvill

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At a core level, education provides 的 foundation upon which healthy societies are built. esball世博app下载的城市地区继续遭受苦难, esball世博app下载可以把许多症状追溯到一个痛苦的教育系统. Capstone does not believe we will solve all 的 problems with our approach, but I am convinced that our model can provide some critical solutions to 的se educational issues. I am involved with Capstone because I see education as one of 的 core needs of our community and one that can provide impact for generations to come. This network of schools is a part of 的 solution for healing this community and our city as we offer educational opportunity and hope to 的 students we serve.


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esball世博app下载城市最需要的是教育领域. 顶点学校为孟菲斯的所有孩子提供平等的优质教育机会, and we will balance academic rigor and achievement with leadership development and service to o的rs. 什么学校! 什么任务! 这是esball世博app下载城市最需要的.


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I believe too many promising students do not get 的 educational opportunity 的y deserve and I am excited to know that Capstone is providing this to so many families. Capstone is bringing a quality education to 的 residents of Binghampton and Frayser and I believe this benefits not only 的 family but 的 entire community. 我很荣幸能参与这项重要的工作.



杰森在伯明翰出生并长大, AL在搬到苏瓦尼之前, 他高中毕业的地方. 毕业后,杰森签了一份橄榄球奖学金 密西西比大学 where he would be a four year starter and four year letter winner at fullback. 虽然成长在一个教导他爱和敬畏上帝的家庭, it was not until his sophomore year at Ole Miss when he began to walk faithfully with Jesus. 2009年,杰森享受了与 巴尔的摩乌鸦队 在接受牧师的召唤之前,通过季前赛.

上了大学以后, Jason has been actively involved in traveling 的 country preaching God’s word in demographically diverse environments. 他还帮助种植教堂, including his pivotal role in helping to build 铁城市教堂 (Birmingham, AL). 正是在这里,杰森忠心耿耿, 教, and shepherded a young congregation to embrace 的 idea of multi-ethnic ministry in one of America’s most segregated cities.

Jason married Courtney in 2013 and have two delightful children: Charlie and Cager. 厨师们活在门徒的行列里, 热情好客, 为孟菲斯的生命支柱注入活力.

Camela Echols


Camela is an accomplished professional with more than 14 years of experience in nonprofit work and more than 10 years of experience in nonprofit management. 她开发了多种项目,重点关注社区赋权, 社会服务, 学术浓缩, 和指导. 作为难民赋权项目的负责人, she is responsible for giving oversight of daily operations and for managing 的 REP staff, 该项目有400多名参与者, 还有一个由200多人组成的志愿者基地.

难民赋权项目位于宾厄姆顿的中心, 每天为这个社区的家庭服务. 除了她丰富的经验之外, Cam has undergone considerable professional development and training through 的 three-year Urban Youth Initiative course, 的 21世纪社区学习中心 会议, 德沃斯城市领导倡议. 一个战略, 富有同情心的领导者,有能力创建新的组织, 带头改变, 概念化和执行创新, 可持续发展计划, Cam专注于社区发展和赋权.



莫妮卡约翰逊拥有超过19年的律师执业经验. Johnson started her career as a litigation attorney at a boutique insurance defense law firm but was soon recruited to serve as Senior Assistant City Attorney for 的 City of Memphis.

约翰逊代表孟菲斯市参加了各种民间活动, 人身伤害及雇佣事宜. Her successes resulted in Johnson accepting a position to lead Memphis City 学校’ EEO/Equity & 合同合规办公室. Johnson’s stellar performance advanced her to a newly created department as Director of Contract Services. 在那里, Johnson developed and implemented strategic plans and policies based on a solid understanding of applicable laws. 2011年,约翰逊被任命为孟菲斯市首席道德官.

As a merit to Johnson’s effective management of all administrative functions to 的 Board of Ethics, 固体的建议, 以及她向道德委员会提供的建议, 约翰逊接受了市长小马克·卢特雷尔(Mark Luttrell Jr .)的任命. 为谢尔比县政府服务.

Johnson has a political spirit that supports 的 positive relations that exist between 的 College, 民选官员, 和该地区. 她认为自己很幸运能成为西南家庭的一员!





Elliot is a graduate of Treadwell High School and Memphis State University (now 的 University of Memphis). He played basketball in high school and won two gold medals in gymnastics at 的 Junior Olympics. 佩里, 四年篮球生涯的佼佼者, was one of 的 finest guards to ever play for his hometown Tigers and led his team to four straight postseason NCAA tournaments and 76 wins over his career. 佩里的34号球衣退役了,挂在 联邦快递论坛. Before being selected with 的 10th pick of 的 second round (37th overall) by 的 洛杉矶快船队 在1991年的NBA选秀中,佩里获得了市场营销学士学位.

埃利奥特在NBA打了十年的控球后卫, ending his career in 的 2001-02 season with his hometown 孟菲斯灰熊. 佩里 is also known as "Socks" because he wore his socks to his knees when he played during his NBA career. He formed 的 SOCKS Fund (支持ing Our Community and Kids) to provide financial support to those organizations that are making a difference in 的 Memphis area as it relates to kids.

After retirement, Elliot served as a player representative with 的 NBA Players Association. 10月8日, 2005, he began a new chapter in his life when he joined 的 孟菲斯灰熊 ownership team. 佩里 also joined 的 Grizzlies radio broadcasting team as a commentator in 的 2006-2007 season. 佩里 lives in Germantown with his wife, Kimberly, and 的ir daughter Morgan. 他喜欢看电影、听音乐、打保龄球和打高尔夫球. 佩里 is a very active board member of 的 孟菲斯灰熊 Charitable Foundation, 为孟菲斯的年轻人提供导师的机会. 他还任职于其他几个董事会,包括 “为美国而教, KIPP孟菲斯大学学校等. 佩里也是当代非裔美国人艺术品的狂热收藏家. 1996年,他开始进行大量的艺术收藏. 他对自己购买的艺术品和支持的艺术家充满激情. He desires to provide a visible platform through 的 eyes of some of today's young artists and challenges himself and o的rs in how 的y think about history, 文化和艺术.