Cornerstone Prep - Lester Campus

Cornerstone Prep Lester Campus is a free public school primarily serving families located in the Binghampton community. Students zoned to other priority schools may also attend as long as space is available. We serve students in grades PreK-5. Click here for enrollment information for this campus.

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Cornerstone Prep Lester has enjoyed outstanding growth on the state assessment known as TCAP as well as a national test called MAP. Click here to view these results. We were honored that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited our campus to highlight our students’ success.

Cornerstone Prep Lester is located in the former Lester School building at 320 Carpenter Street.

All Capstone Education Group schools joyfully serve all interested scholars, including students with disabilities and EL (English Learner) students. Capstone Education Group prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, ancestry, disability or need for special education services and gladly welcomes and serves students regardless of English language proficiency, disability, or need for special education services.

All CEG schools offer a full continuum of supports to meet the needs of students with disabilities and our English learners enjoy full participation and support through our sheltered content model with additional push-in services.

Feel free to reach out to our Director of Special Education Donna Brigham at [email protected] or call at 901-416-3640 for more information. You can also read about our EL staff and program requirements here on our Open Positions page.