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Tax-Deductible Gifts

Capstone Education Group, Inc. is a public, nonprofit, 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational institution
and all donations are charitable and tax deductible as allowed by law.

7 Specific Ways You Can Help Us Today

As we serve more than 1,300 students, we have lots of needs. Please consider donating to help us
bring a college preparatory education to the families of Binghampton and Frayser.
Listed below are just a few of the ways your gift can contribute to our schools:

  1. Provide school supplies for two students $100
  2. Purchase Chrome Books for students $2,500
  3. Help acquire student desks for Kindergarten students $1,000
  4. Get a uniform gift card for parents who cannot afford uniforms $25
  5. Buy ipads for students to use for the first-grade classes $1,500
  6. Provide counseling services to students and families in need $2,000
  7. Partner with others to provide teacher and office supplies $500

Gifts of every size make the funding of a great urban school possible – consider how you might support the work of Capstone Education Group schools.

Financial Support at All Levels Needed to Fund URban Education

CEG needs your support to provide a high-quality education to low-income families in our communities. We seek to partner with families, churches and the local community in educating future generations of Memphians.

Donate Cash, Equipment, or Property

Tax-deductible financial donations may be made to CEG through checks, cash, supplies/equipment or donation of assets such as stock or property.  We accept donations using your credit card or debit card and additionally we can set up a draft from your checking account. If you would like to participate by offering scholarships to offset part of a child's tuition, please consider a donation today!

Checks should be made out to Capstone Education Group. If you would like to designate the money for a specific purpose, please indicate this when you mail or deliver your contribution.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation of equipment or supplies, please contact the
school to make arrangements.

Give a Child a Bright Future Today - A Child's Education Awaits

To give today, call Drew Sippel at (901) 416-9569, or click here:

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